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Puma Pride Awards

Puma Pride Award

Students who wish to complete the required activities for their grade level can earn a Puma Pride Award.  The grade-level lists below may be printed and used to track your child's progress.  Some items will be signed off by the teacher and some by the parent.  Work with your child's teacher to ensure your child has the number of items required by May 28, 2021.  Pins and pennants will be designed and posted once we decide on our school colors and mascot.

On June 2, 2021, we will hold our first Mountain Point Award assembly to present each student with a pennant and a pin for earning the award.  (Note:  ALL kindergarten students will get a pennant.  The pin for each grade, however, must be earned)

Puma Pride Award- 0 Kindergarten
Puma Pride Award- 1 First Grade
Puma Pride Award- 2 Second Grade
Puma Pride Award- 3 Third Grade
Puma Pride Award- 4 Fourth Grade
Puma Pride Award- 5 Fifth Grade
Puma Pride Award- 6 Sixth Grade