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School Forms, Safety & Policies

Useful forms and information for Mountain Point parents:

Safe Walking Routes

Parent Input Form (Fill out and return to the office by May 1 of each year)

Parental Testing Opt-Out Form (required annually)

Medication Guidelines and Forms 

Online Vaccination Exemption Instructions

Education or Vacation Leave Form (Submit at least 2 days ahead)

Preschool Information

Reunification Card (Used for safety evacuation only. Parents/guardians will be notified by Skylert when this process has been initiated due to a significant disruption to the school)

Mountain Point Code of Conduct

Updated Dress Code Information

District Dress CodeMountain Point Dress Code Poster(Approved by SCC 11/12/19)
District Code of Conduct and Bullying Policy

Policy on Bullying and Cyberbullying