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Safe Walking Routes

To learn more about the benefits of walking and biking to school, safety tips, and monthly challenges with exciting prizes, visit Safe Routes Utah's website.

Mountain Point's Safe Walking Routes map:

North Areas: All Students north of Coyote Gulch Way should head east on sidewalks toward Crossing Guard 1 or toward Coyote Gulch to access walking path along Harmon Day Dr. Crossing Guard 5 can cross students to the school grounds.

East Area: Students east of Porter Rockwell in the walking zone should walk to Crossing Guard 4, then at Heritagecrest stay on the east side until Crossing Guard 6, and cross to the west side and proceed to Crossing Guard 7 to cross to the school grounds.

Between Heritage Crest Way and Porter Rockwell Blvd.: Walk to Crossing Guard 6, cross to west side, then proceed to Crossing Guard 7 to cross to school property.

South of Freedom Pointe Way and northeast of Heritagecrest Way: Cross to west side of Noell Nelson Drive at Crossing Guard 3 or 6, then proceed to crossing guard 7 on the north side of the school property.


Mountain Point's Loading/Unloading Access Zones map: